Do-It-Yourself vs. Licensed Attorney

2nd quarter 2015 – “Do-It-Yourself vs. Licensed Attorney”

Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies

1st quarter 2015 – “Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies”

The Shotgun Buy Sell Agreements

4th quarter 2014– “The Shotgun Buy Sell Agreements”

Medical and Durable Powers of Attorney

3rd quarter 2014– “Medical and Durable Powers of Attorney”

The Importance of Commercial Lease Reviews

2nd quarter 2014 – “The Importance of Commercial Lease Reviews”

Proposed Changes to Overtime Under the FLSA

1st quarter 2014– “Proposed Changes to Overtime Under the FLSA”

Four Fundamental Business Resolutions

4th quarter 2013 – “Four Fundamental Business Resolutions”

At Will vs. Right To Work

3rd quarter 2013 – “At Will vs. Right To Work”

Livestock and Liability Laws – What You Need To Know

2nd quarter 2013 – “Livestock and Liability Laws – What You Need To Know”

Reducing Potential Litigation for Small Business

1st quarter 2013 – “Reducing Potential Litigation for Small Business”